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We now produce Secura condoms for Orion

Secura condoms present themselves in a fresh design

We are delighted that the company Orion from Flensburg has decided to relaunch its Secura brand in collaboration with Vinergy. Together we were able to benefit from our joint know-how in condom production, design and product presentation.

Secura has stood for the highest quality for over 50 years and is still one of ORION Wholesale's bestsellers today. In an exciting move, the brand has now reinvented itself and the packaging design shines in new splendor, accompanied by a fresh logo and new icons.

The slogan "Choose your EXTRA" underlines Secura Condoms' commitment to always offer its customers that little bit extra. The product range has also been adapted to this philosophy and is now available in sizes 12, 48 and 100.

Here is an overview of the exciting options:

  1. Secura Condoms 'Original' (also available in a 1000-piece bag): For those who go for the tried and tested and value classic quality.

  2. Secura Condoms 'Extra Feel': A special experience for those who want to intensify the feeling with this extra-thin variant.

  3. Secura Condoms 'Extra Fun': Fun and lightness are the focus of this nubbed version.

  4. Secura Condoms 'Extra Large': For all those who are looking for a more generous fit in condom size 60mm.

  5. Secura Condoms 'Extra Wet': An extra touch of moisture for a particularly pleasant experience.

  6. Secura Condoms 'Extra Safe': Maximum safety for carefree pleasure with extra thick walls.

With this extended product range, Secura Condoms continues to lead the way in terms of quality and variety. The packaging sizes of 12, 48 and 100 offer flexibility for different needs and occasions.

Look forward to proven quality in a new guise and discover which extra suits you best. Secura condoms - your reliable companion for carefree moments of pleasure!

Secura condoms are of course also available directly from Orion in our own store Vinico and many other stores.

Buy Secura at Orion

Buy Secura at Vinico

An article on the relaunch of the Secura brand and the cooperation between Vinergy and Orion has also been published in EAN Magazine.