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The condom replaces the pill as the most popular contraceptive

In a remarkable change in the contraceptive behavior of Germans, the condom has replaced the contraceptive pill as the most commonly used contraceptive. According to a publication by the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) from 16 November 2023, the representative repeat survey on the contraceptive behavior of adults in Germany in 2023 shows that 53% of respondents now prefer condoms, while only 38% still use the pill. This marks a significant decline compared to the 55% who preferred the pill in 2007.

The study underlines a growing critical attitude towards hormonal contraceptive methods, with 61% of respondents fearing negative effects on body and mind from such contraceptives. Young adults in particular show an increasing rejection of the pill, with the proportion of pill users aged 18 to 29 falling from 72 percent twelve years ago to 46 percent.

In addition to reliability and ease of use, which are key factors for many when choosing a contraceptive, cost also plays a significant role, particularly for women, young people and those on low incomes. In addition, 94% of 18 to 49-year-olds feel well informed about contraceptives, with the internet becoming an increasingly important source of information for men.

The increased use of condoms is also seen as a positive step in the fight against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, as condoms, unlike the pill, offer reliable protection. The trend away from hormonal contraceptive methods towards condoms reflects a general change in the contraceptive landscape in Germany, with tolerability, reliability and ease of use being the main factors in the choice of contraceptive method.

The S├╝dkurier also wrote an article on this topic with our managing directors Eva and Jan Vinzenz Krause.

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