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Our office

Not only our condoms are round, but also our office - discover now where and how we work.

Our location

Our office is located in the middle of downtown Singen am Hohentwiel in the beautiful Hegau region, west of Lake Constance in southern Germany. Our round offices offer a 360 degree panoramic view over the city center and the nearby mountain Hohentwiel - a former volcanic cone on which one of the largest fortresses in Germany has been located since the Middle Ages. So we have a great view right from the office every day.

Our workplaces

Every office workstation at our company has modern furnishings, each with two energy-saving screens for efficient work and the best overview. The desks of our employees are height-adjustable, so that everyone can work flexibly and ergonomically.

Our office has a small kitchen so that employees can prepare something to eat during their lunch break, for example. In addition, free drinks such as mineral water and coffee are available to our employees.